An IT strategy is no longer consider the techology as a supported tool to deliver the business processes. An inefficient IT architecture between the IT and business strategies can slow down the growth of business. Therefore, Your IT strategy and architecture must reinforce IT as a key enabler for your business growth-closely aligning with your business vision to promote innovation and improve service quality.

Jillion provides a large varity of IT and consultating services for your company. From headware to software. From network secrity to office surveillance.

Software Development
Our application development ranges from workflow management, information processing, statistic system, customers care to billing solutions throughout System Development Life Cycle (from user requirement definition down to system maintenance). They are strictly governed by PRINCE, RAD, SSADM and OOM methodologies and international quality standards.
We also provide software packages - a faster way for solving your urgent needs.
Software package:
  • IT consulting and maintenance service
  • PO system
  • Account system
  • eNewsletter system
  • eShop
  • Online catalogue

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